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Hey players of BMC!

We have added some features! I will do a monthly update log on the forums If you want to be up 2 date? get on the discord!

We did fix the hoppers!
A lot of lag issues fixed!

* Snowball Minigame
* Donated items are back in our store!

Rule changes:
We have a new rule against Mega Farming, this is to reduce lag for other players!

Nothing else to tell really, There will be a big update soonish! I'm working on a new shop and on skyblock and Plots.

News New Plugin
Added a function to find slime chunks, simply by holding a slimeball and right-click on the block below you.
Update 6-24-2018
Hello BMC players.


New Backpacks:

Due to the old plugin to lag the hell out of people if too many items are in a backpack, I've decided to get PlayerVaults, I've done some recoding in it since I didn't like how it saved items, anywho, I'll list how many you can use.
Member: 1
Member+: 2
VIP: 5

Old backpacks will be removed within 2 weeks, Don't use those anymore, they are full of bugs, like disappearing of stuff, I'll remove the permissions to make new backpacks anyway. I always have a copy of the old backpacks, so if you are on holiday or whatever, I can always get them back!

How to use?
easily use /pv 1 to open backpack 1, if you want to use backpack 2, you do /pv 2 easy as that.

New crate:
I have added a new crate named: Tags from these ones you can get /tags which makes your name even fancier! I will add more tags in it later this week, the keys are obtainable via the /vote crates, have fun :)
Hello BMC players.

You maybe noticed some updates, it been a while, but I'm back :)
Been sick a while, without ideas, but at that time, I made a lot of cool plans!
More stuff coming very soon!

Explorer in spawn, this takes you on an adventure!
/warp Crate (get keys via /vote)
New spawn!
Added Helper to spawn, Not done yet, but its working already!

The End:
The end just got reset, I decided to release the Seed for the map for 2 weeks, then I change it again.
Seed: -1759184476191036742
End at: 12 July 22:00 (EU TIME)
What are seeds, Timmy?
Seeds is a little code who generates a map, easy, You can just click the chunk base link and find end cities on the seed.

Happy traveling!
Hello BMC players.

You maybe noticed the forum was updating.
I will make a list what exactly happened!



- New category, More organised
- Added a Dutch and English part on the forums
- (Need to be done: Move threads back, will take a while!)
- Applications will work soon again! Do not worry! :)
Hello BMC players.

Today I will happily announce that we will have a big update in the future, You won't lose anything of survival what you have now, I'm trying to release it as soon as possible, but I don't want to have bugs or exploits, so I will take my time on this, aside from that, here are all the updates I did today.



- Added Update tags
- Added news page
- Redirected to the news site, you need to click forums manually or go to
- Added a dark theme, probably will be our default theme soon.
*Added this news tab
*Customizing the forum
*Security updates.

*Testing this page now :)
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    We are very proud of this community, and I love everyone in the family, I love how long this server exists already! I want to thank everyone for the beautiful years! I hope we can continue a long time :)