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  1. Rhens
    -Having those weird conversations with your best friend and thinking:" If anyone heard us we would be put in a mental hospital..."-
  2. Rhens
    ' True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side. '
  3. Rhens
    'Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jelaous'
  4. Randber_ (Bedemu)
  5. Rhens
    Cupcakes are muffins who believed in miracles.
  6. Randber_ (Bedemu)
    Randber_ (Bedemu)
    If a Minecraft world is flat, how can the sun go around it?
  7. ItsTimmyB
    Dat moment dat je forum update en een fout maakt xD
  8. Rhens
    F.E.A.R has 2 meanings: Forget Everything And Run; or Face Everything And Rise... The choice is yours ;)
  9. Rhens
    Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.
  10. matthy
    Some nights I wish my lips could build a castle, some nights I wish they would just fall of.
  11. matthy
    The wolf wore the sheep As a perfect disguise And she cant believe That she fel for his lie He promised forever But she never knew the price
  12. matthy
    Glass half empty, glass half full Well either way you won't be going thirsty Count your blessings not your flaws
  13. luca19327
    " Some may call it destiny, and some may call it meant to be. But i just call it. You and Me. "
  14. matthy
    And nobody’s invincible Cause I know people die I saw it on the news one day When the towers fell down Septembers not the same place now
  15. matthy
    He set out with a backpack A compass in hand To steal Mona Lisa And that was his plan
  16. NoelleYT
  17. matthy
    And if we should die tonight Then we should all die together Raise a glass of wine for the last time
  18. Rhens
    I'd like to make myself believe , that the planet Earth turns, slowly.
  19. matthy
    I miss my old friends, 'Cuz they know when I need them the most. I made some new friends, And they cool friends but they don't know.
  20. NoelleYT
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