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New site!

 Started by ItsTimmyB

Hey BMC players.

Our old website was pretty rusty and bad, it didn't work most of the time and was full of forum bots.

This forum uses an in-game command, it is simple!

All of this is in-game!

  • Step 1: Use /siteregister email
  • Step 2: Click the link you get.
  • Step 3: Make a password and log in!
  • Step 4: DONE!

Due to this your rank will sync automatically too! Show them your rank :)

It will also render your Minecraft skin his/her head as your profile pic, even if you're cracked! (Still in Made, premium should work already.)

Hopefully, this one is easier in using and faster!


Timmy and the staffs ❤️

By ItsTimmyB, about 1 month agoLast edited: 23 days ago x 1
Proud Owner of BMC, Proud of you all ❤️


Hopefully, this one is easier in using and faster!

Well, by the looks of it... you have done a great job so far. It is looking a lot better and it runs way smoother than the earlier one. <3

By markhil, 19 days ago x 1