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timmy is way 2 nice
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the best one in the server, always helping
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Staff Apply terms

Staff Application Guidelines


  • Discord (Used for staff communication, voice not required.)
  • 1+ Hours per day are required
  • Forums account must be at least 4 days old (Not active right now)
  • In-game activity in the last 7 days
  • Must be an active player in the community prior to submitting a staff application
  • No mutes or bans in the last 7 days
  • We prefer 14 years or older, however this is a preference with exceptions.
  • Cannot be staff on another server, or have an open application on another server (Conflict of interest)
  • Extensive knowledge of BlackMagicCraft\'s gamemodes and what they have to offer
  • Ability to properly identify and punish for hacked clients, spam, threats, ect..
  • Proper grammar and spelling(You may use Grammarly)
  • You must have a clear understanding of the rules and how to uphold them
  • Dedication, teamwork and professionalism when the occasion calls for it<
  • Good judgement where guidelines currently don't exist

Common Denial Reasons

  • Asking a staff member to look at your application
  • Making an app within the 2 week wait period of a denial
  • Using an old app without any major changes or effort
  • Plagiarism (This will result in all future applications being denied. You have been warned.)
  • Lying in your application
  • Reapplying within 30 days of resigning or being demoted
  • Not putting enough effort into your application
  • Arguing in the comments of your application
  • Being a toxic member of the community
  • Targeting staff members.
  • Not meeting the requirements listed above


Terms of Staff

  • You will not leak the staff chat or staff discussions.
  • You will not abuse your powers or give yourself an advantage over players
  • You will keep records of evidence regarding punishments for a minimum of 7 days unless told otherwise.
  • You will not delete messages you send within the staff chat.
  • You will not lie to players or staff.
  • You will not ignore players.
  • You will notify an Owner if you are going to be inactive for more than 3 days.
  • You will be demoted and possibly banned if you break any rules.
  • The staff terms and agreement can be changed at anytime with or without notice by ItsTimmyB.
8 months ago

New site!

Hey BMC players.

Our old website was pretty rusty and bad, it didn't work most of the time and was full of forum bots.

This forum uses ur BMC Username and Password, so no need to register or have any issues with registering, your rank will sync automaticlly too! Show them ur rank :)

It also renders your Minecraft skin his/her head as your profile pic, even if your cracked!

Hopefully this one is easier in using and faster!


Timmy and the staffs ❤️

9 months ago


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