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Update 6-24-2018

Discussion in 'Server News' started by ItsTimmyB, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Hello BMC players.


    New Backpacks:

    Due to the old plugin to lag the hell out of people if too many items are in a backpack, I've decided to get PlayerVaults, I've done some recoding in it since I didn't like how it saved items, anywho, I'll list how many you can use.
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    Old backpacks will be removed within 2 weeks, Don't use those anymore, they are full of bugs, like disappearing of stuff, I'll remove the permissions to make new backpacks anyway. I always have a copy of the old backpacks, so if you are on holiday or whatever, I can always get them back!

    How to use?
    easily use /pv 1 to open backpack 1, if you want to use backpack 2, you do /pv 2 easy as that.

    New crate:
    I have added a new crate named: Tags from these ones you can get /tags which makes your name even fancier! I will add more tags in it later this week, the keys are obtainable via the /vote crates, have fun :)
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