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English Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by ItsTimmyB, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Official Rules


    All rules in English

    You are only allowed to grief in /warp PVP, Not in the normal worlds, Look at tab if it says you are in the pvpworld or pvpworld2 then you are allowed to grief!

    Respect all people on the server, forum, or whatsapp groups.

    Racism against Race Sexuality, age, remarks about a handicap, religion or any types of racism are not allowed and tolerated

    Keep the chat clean! Some kids play on the server

    Do not impersonate someone else; staff can be recognized by their prefixes, like helper, and the red or green letters in chat.

    Do not use any offensive skins on the server, like Hitler or bare/nude skins.

    Do not use any offensive names or nicknames

    The abuse of cheats, bugs or glitches is forbidden!

    You are not allowed to spam, slander, to talk with CAPS, to curse, to bully, to threat or to show intimidating behavior.

    You are not allowed to advertise other game servers or web pages.

    You are not allowed to abuse bugs; you are required to report any bug to ItsTimmyB.

    You are not allowed to register more than one account to use advantages wrongly, registering a second account is allowed if it used for a backup, or used for extra storage.

    It isn’t allowed to sell your account or donated items in the game to others, Logging into someone else his/her account or to share you account (Sharing your password is at your risk)

    You are only allowed to speak Dutch or English in the public chat. (in msg you may use whatever language you want

    Scamming others is forbidden!

    Loaning money, collecting money and unlocking chests to others is at your own risk

    Skyblock Rules

    Do not stand AFK in skyblock, this is cheating and will not be tolerated, Max 1 hour depends on where

    Automatic mine and any other things that go automatic are NOT allowed.

    Forum rules

    Any discrimination is not allowed.

    posting sexual content or related is not allowed.

    Disrespectful behavior is not tolerated

    Causing problems on forum is not allowed

    Do not post any random posts

    Do not curse

    Mods rules:

    Allowed mods:

    - Optifine
    - Minimap
    - Replay mods
    - Shaders
    - F3 + B (Modification)

    All mods that give more FPS are allowed

    not allowed mods:

    - Xray
    - other hack mods
    - Auto fishing or any mod that make things go automated
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