Rules about Farm, Mobs and entities - BlackMagicCraft
What causes lag on Minecraft servers?
Lag isnt normally triggered by a single human. Every single player on a server contributes to this. Some people are more sluggish than others, but we all need to work together to reduce the amount of lag on our server. As a result, we have lag rules in place to prevent lag in its tracks and to allow us to intervene when anything is causing the server to lag.

Please contact a staff member or open a support ticket on our Discord if you believe someones build is causing lag on the server. Well take a look at the construction and get back to you.

Also, if youre planning on building something on the server and suspect it will be laggy, let a staff member know. Well look into it and let you know whether its legal or not. This can be extremely useful, particularly in redstone-heavy builds.
Lag Enforcement
When it comes to deleting and enforcing lag-inducing builds on our server, we reserve the right to do so at any time. Unless the build causes immediate lag on the server, we will give a warning and allow you to fix the build/farm to not produce lag.

Players that repeatedly create laggy structures will be banned.
AFK Rules
- We do not allow AFK/Auto Fishing.
- You may not use an alt to load in farms.
- Any anti AFK mechanisms is not allowed (AFK Machines/Pools)
- Don't AFK for extended periods of time. This takes up server resources. If you are not actively playing the game then log out.
- Never leave redstone clocks running while you are AFK in the area.
Rules for mobs
- Keep your total number of villagers as low as possible, kill the villagers who are not required.
- Do not build any wither farm.
- Keep no more then one breeding pair of turtles, they cause a lot of lag.
- Do not overcrowed your base with animals.
- Entity cramming is not allowed. Spread animals from each other.
- Keep autofarms and grinders compact.
- Keep no useless or decorative entities like withers that nametag a whole area.
Do you want to know how you can keep mobs? Read the explanation below.
Farm Limiter
- No more than 10 mobs (of all types) within a radius of 4 blocks (this gets the chickens).
- No more than 25 passive mobs within a radius of 10 blocks (limits farms excluding chickens).
- No more than 10 hostile mobs within a radius of 6 blocks (limits grinders).
- No more than 6 turtles within a radius of 5 blocks (turtles cause a TON of lag).
- No more than 40 villagers within a radius of 50 blocks.
- Keep no useless or decorative entities like withers that nametag a whole area.
Hoppers are the second most common source of lag on our server, after mobs. While we have a system in place that allows hoppers to pass three items at a time every three ticks, rather than one item every tick, we do need to try to reduce our hoppers as much as possible.

We also have Chunk Hoppers to assist with hopper reduction. Instead of dropping and being taken to the hopper, blocks will now teleport there instantly. A tutorial demonstrating how to use them can be found here. (Coming soon)
- Make farms as compact as possible to your needs.
- Use only one observer per row of farm, not every plant needs an observer.
- Make farms with on/off switch and do not leave it on when you go offline
- Make minecarts with an on/off lever. Do not run them 24/7.
- Only use redstone clocks who do not run continuously.

If you want more information how to efficiently make your redstone builds. Read the explanation below.
Minecarts cause a lot of lag on a server, which might seem strange. As a result, it is important that we minimize them as much as possible.

Villagers and other mobs do not need to be stored in minecarts. Minecarts can be used to move mobs and drop them off in other locations, but they cannot be used to store mobs of any kind.

Please avoid using hopper-minecarts in farm designs. They are incredibly taxing on the server, and you can always find a less lag-inducing solution that doesnt include hopper-minecarts.

Its not a good idea to leave an empty minecart on the side of the road. We love seeing rollercoasters and big train tracks on the server, but once youve finished riding the rollercoaster or riding the train, please remove the minecarts.
Other Entities & Things That Cause Lag
- Do not leave items on the ground, they cause a lot of lag. Please pick up all things while mining. Everything you do not need you can throw in the lava or on a cactus.
- Keep your hoppers empty and dispose what you do not need.
- Keep the number of item frames and signs as low as possible. To prevent water or lava from falling down you can also use fence gates, which is way better than signs.
- End crystals cannot be used in construction.
- Brewing stands are a particularly laggy entities. Only use them for making potions. Dont overuse them.
Restricted Items/Builds
- If you notice or have builds that cause excessive lag, please contact a staff member. If you self-report you will not be banned.
- Automatic natural Guardian farms are not allowed. You can use spawners.
- Massive gold farms are not allowed, keep them to a bare minimum with no more than ten portals.
- Enderman farms are not allowed in the end. (End resets every week anyway, best way is to use spawners)
- Keep mob grinder size to a minimum of your needs.
- Keeps spawner farms to a maximum of 8 per farm. Between farms there is a minimum radius of 20 blocks. Try making them in one chunk and use chunk hoppers to retrieve all items.
- Cactus farms are not allowed.
- Do not make flying auto farmers with pistons and slime blocks.
- Click here to see a full list of block entities. These entities/blocks are simply blocks that cause more lag than regular blocks. Now, were not suggesting you cant include these in your builds to be creative. Please do so. Only remember to use them with caution.
Explanation for mobs rules
Mobs are by far the most sluggish and stressful aspect of any Minecraft survival server. They trigger lag that affects everyone on the server. Bear in mind, never keep more mobs than you actually need.

- Villagers should not be able to continue breeding from a single breeder indefinitely. To keep your total number of villagers as low as possible, kill any villagers who arent required. Make sure to carefully consider which villagers youll need. Villagers may be used in more than one way in some situations.
- Turtles only need one breeding pair to reproduce. Turtles have a unique breeding mechanism that allows you to breed the same pair of turtles over and over again since they become fertile immediately after laying their eggs. Hold no more than two adult turtles on your farm.
- We all love animals, but dont overcrowd your base with more than you require.
- Do not use entity cramming at all costs. Its there that cramming a large number of entities into a tiny room is heavy on the server. The more spread out the entities are, the less lag the server will have.
- Autofarms and grinders dont have to be big to be efficient. The more compact, the stronger. Use just what you require and avoid constructing large autofarms/grinders to manipulate the economy.
- There should be no useless or decorative entities included. This includes the Withers ability to nametag an area. It simply adds to the lag.
- Farm Limiter is a plugin that we use to set exact limits on mobs. The restrictions made by this plugin are listed on top of this page.
Redstone build
Its impossible to discuss lag on Minecraft servers without mentioning redstone. Redstone can cause lag regardless of what you do, but there are a number of things you can do to reduce the amount of lag it causes.

- Bigger isnt always better. Make farms that are the right size for what you need and not bigger. The more compact, the stronger. Consider how much of a resource you actually need and design a farm that will provide you with exactly that.
- On automatic sugarcane and melon farms, only use one observer per row. Not every plant needs an observer to farm it.
- Set your machines up to shut off when not in use.
- If youre transporting items with a minecart hopper/chest, make sure it docks automatically when there isnt anything else to transfer. You can schedule the minecart pickup to only run after a harvest, and an auto-smelter that uses minecarts to fill the furnaces does not need to keep the minecart running all of the time; it only needs to run while its dropping off items.
- Redstone clocks are rarely needed to run continuously. An item disposal dropper for example can be configured to start the clock when there are items in the dropper and stop the clock when the dropper is empty. Instead of using an infinite redstone clock loop, push mob farms can be set up to use only one observer.